Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is Social Media

Social Media is new technology to share information with people around the world. With Social Media you can share your interest, what you like on internet, communicate with people, and share information to your network. Its make more easiest to find article that relevant to your interest.

There is some kind of social media :

Social Bookmark
With social bookmark we can bookmark and share a single page we liked on the web to everyone or just for our friend. This is an online bookmark, so we can access our bookmark everywhere from internet. The benefits from web owner is you can promote your site too. But don't bookmark every page in your site, its a spam act, just pick the best article from your site to promote. Some social bookmark allow you to add friend, making a network and communicate with them. This is some famous Social Bookmark : Delicious, Stumbleupon, Diigo, Furl, Faves etc

Social News
Social news is some type of social bookmark but its focus on news or only certain category allowed to share. Member make voting to article shared, if other like the article it will stay on top, but if not they will burn. You can't bookmark everything you like on social news, but you can get interesting news more easy in this site. Social News site is Digg, Mixx, Newsvine, Slashdot, etc.

Social Directory
Social directory is like social bookmark too but its made for web owner to share or promote their site. If you have a site (usually a blog) you can submit your site here. You can subscribe or bookmark any site only in their directory list. Social directory use RSS feed to gather the article, so you can get update a new article from site you subscribe. Some site have feature to add friend and send message to other member, and the other is not. This is some famous Social Directory : Technorati, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, etc

Social Feed Aggregator
Social Feed Aggregator is site to share rss feed. You can submit anything feed you like to this site and share to everyone. You can subscribe any feed from their list too to get any update article from site you like. Most of social feed aggregator dont have feature to communicate with other member. Some of Social Feed Aggregator : Newsgator, Syndic8, Weblogs, Bloglines etc

There is different type of feed aggregator:
Friendfeed : collect rss feed from your friend subscribed.
Popurl : collect rss feed from famous social media, its good site to find interesting article.

Social Network
Social network is build for networking and communicate with other, but you can share information to your network too. Some of famous social network : Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Yuwie, etc.

Social Status
Social Status is a new kind of social network, its more simple to share information among your network. Social status site : Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku

The other type of social media is Social Multimedia, in this site you can share multimedia format like video, photo or music.
Social video share : YouTube, Vimeo
Social photo share : Flickr, Picasa
Social music share : ilike, Last.fm

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Increase Alexa Rank

I got this tips from seo expert about how to increase Alexa Rank. I hope this will work for my site and usefull for you too :

  1. Submit you site in Alexa Web Search
  2. Install Alexa toolbar on your browser, and tell your friends to install too. As many as your visitor use alexa toolbar on their browser, your rank will increase.
  3. Make your site as your homepage on browser.
  4. Use Alexa Rank Widget on your site
  5. Post an artikel about Alexa on your site, use "Alexa" word in your title, label this post with Alexa and add Alexa as your keyword on your HTML.
  6. Increase your visitor and backlink from other site. Espesialy from SEO or webmaster site or forum which use alexa toolbar on their browser.
  7. Submit your site in social bookmark, site directory etc.
If you have your own domain (not free domain) you do this additional tips :
  1. Submit your site to DMOZ Open Directory, couse Alexa take data from this directory
  2. Make review for your site and suggest related site in Alexa Directory
Ok. Thats All.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

SEO Tools : Backlink Checker

You can use this tool to check the backlink for site :

Reciprocal Link Checker

Reciprocal Link Manager

Domain Name

List of URLs where your Reciprocal Links can be found
(One on each line)

Backlink Anchor Text Analysis

Anchor Text Analysis

Domain Name

Note* Results may vary if prefixed with www.

If you wanna check a domain prefixed without www, you can use tools from Seopro.com.au

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a text which used for link, for example :
<a href=http://probizblog.blogspot.com>ProBizBlog</a>
text "ProBizBlog" is anchor text for http://probizblog.blogspot.com

Anchor text is like a keyword, its will influence for search engine result. As many the same anchor text used for you link, your site will better in search engine result ranking for that keyword.

So always use same text for backlink to your site. And if you do a link exchange tell your partner to use your anchor text in your backlink.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Backlink and Page Rank

What is backlink? Backlink is a link from site to another site. Backlink can be a promotion way for your site, as many link to the site will wide open the way for visitor to visit your site.

These are some way for increase the backlink :
  1. Link exchange with another site
  2. Visit and comment (with link to your site) in another site
  3. Submit your site to directory site and social bookmark
  4. Submit your site to search engine
  5. Buy some link advertising
  6. etc
These are some kind of backlink :
  1. One way backlink, example : site A linking to site B but site B not link back to site A
  2. Two way backlink, both of site linked.
  3. Three way backlink, example : site A linking to site B, site B linking to site C and site C linking to site A
Backlink will influence the page rank. Actualy page rank not affecting search engine result, page rank is used to see the site is important or not.

This is how to increasing your page rank :
  1. Make backlink from other site as much as you can
  2. Backlink from site with high rank
  3. One way backlink is better
  4. Backlink with other site which have same topic
  5. Backlink from dofollow site
Nofollow and dofollow backlink

If a site use nofollow tag, that link will not count as a link for page rank. Example : Site A linking to site B with nofollow and site B linking to site A with dofollow. In this case link from site A to site B will not count as a link. For page rank the link is only from site B to site A (one way link).

Tips :
To see the site is dofollow or nofollow, you can install SeoQuake or SearchStatus on your browser. And you can find dofollow site in dofollow site directory.

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